Unit 5/187 Geelong Road Seddon

The team at Chambers were great in helping us purchase our home. In particular, not only did Josie provide us with sound advice and support but she was also warm and personable- helping to calm our nerves when we needed it. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Josie and the Chambers team to our friends and family
111 Fergie Street fitzroy north

111 Fergie Street Fitzroy North

We had the pleasure of having Travis Corbett representing us in our recent property sale.

We are happy to say that Travis has exceeded our expectations in terms of customer service, support and professionalism.

Once we decided to proceed, he coordinated the whole process of marketing, property readiness and customer engagement with lightning speed and skill.

He provided us with a clear understanding of the market and helped us form a proper expectation of the result.

His timely and regular reports on the progress of the advertising campaign and level of customer enquires has greatly reduced our sense of uncertainty.

He guided us from beginning to end, and has helped us achieve a most pleasing result.

We are aware that his professionalism and personal care have also been extended to the purchasers, giving them honest information and personal help.

In our view Travis has been outstanding in his professionalism and personal care. He has a clear understanding of the field and the market, and has conducted his work with integrity and attendance to detail.

Most of all he is a genuine person — focused, cheerful, down to earth, honest, approachable and helpful.

Most vendors and purchasers will only ever buy or sell properties a few times in a lifetime, and Travis’s expertise and easy manners will be a great help to them.

We would sincerely recommend him to any prospective vendor or purchaser.

Anita and Dennis

333 Rae Street Fitzroy North

Dear John,

I would like to acknowledge my gratitude and appreciation to you and your sales team at Chambers Real Estate, this campaign and effort helped me with the process of selling my home achieving a pleasing result.

Your professionalism, consideration and respect gave me the confidence and positive guidance that I was in the right hands.

You and your staff were always available at anytime of the day and extremely helpful towards my needs in making the right decisions. I am happy I made the right choice.

Thanking you again.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Giannis

7/210 Clarke Street northcote

7/210 Clarke Street Northcote

Dear Chambers Real Estate,

We would like to thank Chambers for not only their professionalism, yet also their continuous etiquette in regards to their approach and behaviour. We have had our property for around 17 years, and it has always been rented out through Chambers. The staff have continuously proved to be both friendly and easy to approach, and have over the course of nearly two decades always offered quick feedback.

We would like to thank John Costanzo and Daniel Abt in particular for their outstanding work on the day of our auction, which resulted in a great result. If we are ever looking for a new property, we will definitely be calling Chambers.

Kind Regards,

Sam Lombardo

9/10 Separation Street Fairfield

Dear Chambers Real Estate,

I am just writing to commend your employee Dan. He has been a delight to deal with and has been more than helpful in all aspects of my purchase. I have been around real estate all my life and it is a breath of fresh air to meet a young man who shows all the correct signs to be a wonderful addition to any real estate office, professional, understanding, considerate and above all incredibly polite.

Kind regards,

Maria Speziale
7/210 Clarke Street northcote

28 Neill Street Carlton

Dear Chambers,

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication in selling our house. We appreciate your efforts and the great lengths you went to. You provided us with an unexpected level of service and we particularly appreciated it when you organised a handyman for us at the last minute to defuse our neighbour's concerns. The level of interest in our house was for greater than we had anticipated and we are satisfied that the selling price was the best we could have achieved.

We also appreciated the intelligence and price guidance you provided for houses we were interested in buying. This was an invaluable and acuate guide for our house hunting efforts, gave us focus and smoothed the decision making process.

We will recommend Chambers to our friends and would happily recommend Chambers to anyone who is considering selling a house in the inner suburbs.

Kind Regards,

Judy & Dan Smith
8 St. Georges Road South fitzroy north

8 St. Georges Road South Fitzroy North

Dear Chambers,

Wow! Thank you for a marvellous job selling Eric’s “palace” at 8 St Georges Road North Fitzroy. I was in a proverbial hole, all by myself, trying to climb out, and I couldn’t. Luckily, you helped me get out of that predicament, by guiding and counselling me because of your genuine enthusiasm. On top of your professional approach, you are also very patient, honest, and helpful.

Initially, I was sceptical about your advice on how this once-colorful, joy-filled party house can actually become a focal point in selling the house. Because of this, you instructed me not to rearrange or change much in the house, and this really did help keep the house more appealing to the public. You expressed your love for historic architecture, and understood the sensitive background of this property. Even suggestions like having lit-candles around the house helped a great deal.

I listened to your recommendations from thereon, and everything took off. From artistic photo-shoots and hitting the internet, to landing a radio talk-back interview with Red Symons, and getting an editorial with Emily Power on the front page of The Age, you handled everything wonderfully. Even Channels Seven and Nine got involved, filming the house and interviewing the both of us, and both channels airing them at 6 o’clock that evening. This was closer to a campaign for the next Prime Minister of Australia, than mere advertising. (Are you laughing already?) I thought I was dreaming!

The people started flooding in on all-open days, and you kept me informed at all times about every opening. You didn’t fill me with high hopes, despite all the press - but neither did you make me feel the house was unsellable. In fact, you were more like a friend to me than a business associate, always keeping in touch on the phone, and even giving me sound advice on matters unrelated to the selling of the house.

The night before auction day, it poured rain continuously – right into the morning. It was dark, cloudy and miserable, and I felt miserable too. But, Steven, you rang me that morning and happily assured me that everything would work out. And it really did. Before you know it, a half an hour before viewing time on VIP day, it stopped raining, and the sun came out. Moreover, the auction was well-attended. The house got sold at a fair and satisfactory price above the reserve.

This is a journey I didn’t expect to undertake. But the Chambers way was definitely the right way. Good personal service, and, in particular, you, Steven – positive and warm, I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you, once again, for all that you’ve done.

Sincere regards,

Mary Alescio
62 Hodgkinson Street clifton hill

62 Hodgkinson Street Clifton Hill

Dear Chambers,

I wish to thank Chambers for getting me such an outstanding result with the auction of my house last Saturday. Travis Corbett assured me at the start of the campaign that he would ensure I would not have to endure any stress or worry during the time my property was on the market. From the start, photos, description and advice regarding presentation went very smoothly. Travis kept me informed throughout, and I am confident that through his very positive promotion of my property the sale price well exceeded my expectations. I cannot commend Travis highly enough for his hard work, encouragement, his support to me and his integrity in the marketing of my property. I would highly recommend Chambers and Travis Corbett to any one considering selling their property in the inner city.

With my sincere thanks to you both and best wishes for a successful year with more sales in Clifton Hill.


3/262 Barkly Street fitzroy north

3/262 Barkly Street Fitzroy North

Thorough, trustworthy and diligent

We worked with Travis to prepare, market and auction our property in Fitzroy North. We found him to intelligent, a good communicator, well-informed about the local market, able to explain the process and legalities associated with selling a property and knowledgeable about the behaviours of prospective buyers. He worked diligently and was respectful of our needs, availability and preferences. We were really happy with the result - an efficient process getting the property to market, a attractive and effective campaign, consistent engagement with interested parties and helping us to make important decisions and achieve our aims as vendors. I would recommend Travis to anyone seeking to buy or sell property in the area.

Melissa Cater
2/166 Holden Street fitzroy north

2/166 Holden Street fitzroy north

We decided to sell our unique apartment in North Fitzroy, a converted pub with period features.

In a hot market, with demand outstripping supply, we had a wide selection of real estate agents interested in selling the property for us.

Our decision to work with Steven Scalise is largely due to the immediate enthusiasm he showed for the property, the area and his thoughts on how to market the property. His unique perspective was applied throughout the campaign starting with the amazing photography of the property, the copy of the campaign, even the creative approach to developments that occurred throughout the campaign.

The marketing of the property could not have been better; this culminated with a mention in The Age ‘Domain’ the week before the auction. This priceless PR was due to Steven’s relationship with the journalist. It was how our buyers first became aware of our property.

We were able to adapt our campaign and provide input that was taken on board, providing us with ownership of the process.

Steven Scalise provided the right amount of attention and account management to our campaign; we knew we were in capable hands. He was able to bring expertise and confidence, with a friendly and happy manner.

Selling a property is a stressful process, it was made a lot easier by choosing to work with Steven and the Chambers team. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential vendors.

Lou Elkington

"Happy Vendor"
9/2b Loyola Avenue brunswick

9/2b Loyola Avenue Brunswick

I would like to recommend Travis Corbett as a first rate Sales Consultant for Chambers Real Estate. In selling my Unit in East Brunswick he exceeded the ‘very best’ offer I was told I could expect to get (from one of the very big agencies) by a considerable margin. Best of all though, he achieved this with a great blend of really hard work, attention to detail, and genuine friendliness (perhaps him being from the country helps here!). At no stage did I feel any untoward pressure.

Travis always makes sure all parties are in the loop, including the tenants of my property, which made inspections and so forth proceed very smoothly. He relates really well to all people, but being a relatively young man himself, he was especially good with the younger tenants in my unit, and probably has an advantage when dealing with younger buyers. He consistently gave good advice on the presentation and market position of the property, and has good local knowledge. In short, Travis is a really decent, intelligent, top-notch person. Knows his stuff, and knows people; investigates and checks everything out thoroughly, and ALWAYS gets back to you. A born communicator — all in a good way, a way that makes everyone feel valued. I cannot recommend Travis Corbett more highly.

I have no doubt I will use him again one day. Thank you Travis and Chambers Real Estate.


Hugh Williams

111 Fergie Street fitzroy north

402/205 Gipps Street Abbotsford

To Chambers Real Estate,

I am writing this on behalf of Mr. Paul Grinter and myself regarding our recent dealings with your sales consultant Mr. Travis Corbett in the sale of the abovementioned property.

This is the third time we have had dealings with Travis over the last 5 or so years and I am very pleased to say that it was on the very strong basis of our two earlier dealings that we sought his services again.

Travis has always presented himself professionally and has been very attentive to our needs in the purchase or sale of property.

Travis as a sales consultant is very good at managing realistic expections with regard to the potential sales price of a property. It has been the experience of friends and relatives that their agents have 'promised the moon'. When this heightened expectation was not fully realised, they (the vendors) are quite understandably disappointed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Travis Corbett to friends seeking to sell their property. Travis is clearly experienced within the Victorian Real Estate Market and he applies that knowledge to the sale of a home. At all times during the sale process, he conducted himself professionally. He instilled great confidence in us both that he was working hard to negotiate the best possible price for our home.

I would appreciate if you could express our gratitude to Travis for all his hard work and he will most likely be my first port of call when I am ready to re-enter the homeowner's marketplace.

Yours sincerely,

Grant Taylor
Unit 4/93 Tinning Street brunswick

Unit 4/93 Tinning Street Brunswick

Dear Travis,

It's sad to say good-bye to Tinning St, however the great result on Auction day is a sweet end to our one bedder.

Travis, you have been a pleasure to deal with and I wish you well and many sales in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Saunderson

2/150 Barkly Street fitzroy north

2/150 Barkly Street Fitzroy North

Dear Travis,

Just a few lines in appreciation for the successful sale of our property at 2/150 Barkly Street, Fitzroy North, on March 15th. Your communication was excellent and we are sure that the pointers you advised us about pre-sale, and the little things you assisted us with, contributed to the great price we achieved.

We have no hesitation in recommending “Chambers Real Estate” for any real estate transactions they may be contemplating.

Jennifer & Terry Woodgate
12 Horne Street brunswick

12 Horne Street Brunswick

To whom it may concern

We recently sold a property through Chambers Real Estate with Travis Corbet as our agent. The process went smoothly and the house sold for a much higher than expected amount. We found it a great pleasure to work with Travis as he was enthusiastic, honest and professional and always keen to help and do more than expected.

In fact it was Travis’s enthusiastic and proactive approach that convinced us to use Chambers Real Estate. Travis’s initial keenness and determination to get our business gave us a glimpse of what we could expect from him and of what he did deliver.

Travis’ enthusiasm never wavered and he worked extremely hard throughout the process of our sale.

Travis is honest and highly professional. We found that for Travis his honesty and integrity are part of his professional role allowing him to be himself. This made us comfortable and we felt that we were dealing with a ‘real person’ rather than someone playing a role. It was also pleasing to notice that Travis’s honesty and professionalism extended to his dealings with potential buyers as he answered their questions about the house and its eccentricities in an upfront and honest way.

Travis was thorough and highly personalised in his approach in a way that made us feel we were working together as a team. Travis initially presented detailed and highly relevant research for our property that showed an understanding of the value of our specific part of the suburb. As soon as the house was on the market Travis thoroughly followed up all potential purchasers and kept detailed notes. He contacted us every day and we had discussions on all aspects of the sale. This was important for us as it gave us a feeling that we really knew how things were progressing.

We would like to thank Travis very much for all his great work and highly recommend him to anyone considering using him as their agent.

Kind regards,

Anna Havir and John Smith
8/187 Geelong Road, Seddon 8/187 Geelong Road Seddon

8/187 Geelong Road Seddon

Josie Wood has made our first home buying experience a positive one! Having read comments like ‘agents work for the vendor, not you’ we were led to believe that agents are not someone you can trust. However, Josie was the opposite. As a buyer we only ever got the impression that she was working in collaboration with us in order for us to acquire our home. Josie was honest, treated us fairly, and was happy to meet our requests to visit the property with family during the settlement period. She even gave us some interior design tips for our home.

Anna & Matthew
310/495-500 Brunswick Street Fitzroy North

310/496 Brunswick Street Ftzroy Nth

Josie Woods was amazing from the first phone call. We could tell her experience in the field was second to none. She is extremely honest and exceeded our expectations as first time sellers. With Josie's help, we set a new benchmark for one bedroom apartments in the Fitzroy North area and we couldn't be happier! We will definitely be going back to Josie when the time comes. Thanks for all your help Josie!

Jason M