Buying Tips

Check The Location

- Does the area have or will it have all amenities you might need? (eg. Schools, shops and transport)

- Is it zoned residential?

- Is the electricity connected?

- Is the sewer connected?

- Is it free from road widening proposals?


Is it free from filing, loose boulders, excess seepage of water, steep grading or are there dense trees? If you are considering extensions, an engineer’s report may be necessary to assess the block.

Is it free from landslip? Check with your local council and if necessary obtain a geo-technical engineer’s report.


- Is the paintwork in good condition?

- Is the building free from damp?

- Signs of damp, especially rising damp are usually found around window sills, chimney breasts or ceilings and under floor coverings.

- Are the walls free from cracks, both inside and outside?

- Are the roofing, guttering and downpipes in good condition?

- Is the floor level and in sound condition? Are timber floors free from springs? Are concrete floors free from cracks?

- Is the plaster in good condition?

- Check behind furniture.

- Is the size and type of hot water service suitable? Will it be large enough for future needs?

- Is the house insulated both in ceilings and walls?

- Does the house have good natural lighting and ventilation in all rooms?

- Do the windows and doors open and close properly?

- Any fly screens?

- Turn on all taps to check for water pressure and water hammer.

- Does water in sinks and basins drain away quickly?

- Check the number of power points. Are they suitably located?

- Are air-conditioning or heating appliances included in the price? Are they paid for?

- Is the telephone connected?

- Will the house be expensive to maintain

- Are paths and fences in good condition?

- If there is a pool, does the fencing comply with safety standard regulations? v
- Is there a garage or carport?

- Are there storage facilities?

- Is it possible to extend the house for future needs?

- Has the house already been added to?

- Were these extensions approved by council?

- What exactly is included in the price? Floor coverings, blinds, washing machine, light fittings? Are they fully paid for and what is their condition?

- Will your furniture fit in the house? Are doorways and passageways wide enough to move furniture through? Is access easy?


- Will the bedrooms be affected by noise and light factors? Eg. Nearness to an intersection may cause problems with traffic lights, headlights from passing cars, screeching brakes. If the house is on a hill, trucks changing gears can create noise.

- Are the bedrooms located so that they are reasonably free from living area noise?

- Is there sufficient ventilation? Will the bedrooms be cool in summer?

- Will your furniture fit?

- Are wardrobes included in price?

Bathroom and Toilet

- Is there sufficient ventilation?

- Is there a fan to extract steam?

Is the shower recess free from leaks? Test to see if water leaks through or under the screen.
- Is there a power point?
- Is hot water connected?
- Are there mirrors, cupboards, towel rails?
-Is the toilet in good condition?


- Are there sufficient cupboards for storage and bench space for preparing and serving food?

- Do the cupboards open and shut properly?

- Condition of stove. Is it large enough? Is there room for additional cupboards? Is there an exhaust fan? Do they work property? Test.

- Is there adequate lighting, both natural and artificial?

- Will the refrigerator fit? Is there room for a dishwasher and microwave?

- Is there sufficient ventilation?

Dining Room

- Will your furniture fit? Is there room for an extended dining table?

- Is the kitchen close enough to serve food easily?

- Are there power points?

- Is the lighting adequate?

- Is there heating? Is it gas, electric or oil? Will it be expensive to run? Is it paid for?

Lounge Room

- Will my furniture fit? eg Stereo, lounge, TV, chairs, table piano?

- Is there a TV antenna outlet?

- Is there a heater or air conditioner included in the price? Is it gas, electric or oil? Will it be expensive to run? Is it paid for?


- Is the hot water connected?

- Can your automatic washing machine be installed without any problems? Are there any power points?

- Is there room for a clothes dryer?

- Are there ironing facilities?

- Is there a floor waste (drain) or is the floor sufficiently graded so that any overflow water can escape without causing damage?